The Smart Thermal Detector

The Smart Thermal Detector is a fully automatic and intelligent system for body temperature measurement and recording. The device uses industrial grade sensors and artificial intelligence to deliver fast and accurate body temperature measurements. Upon detection of a high body temperature, the device is capable of reporting by using a customizable audio alarm and a visual message. The Smart Thermal Detector can also match and record each measurement with its built-in NFC reader. With the help of the integrated cloud platform, multi machine or site monitoring, statistics retrieving and tracking have never been easier.

The Smart Thermal Detector

    • Accurate Temperature Measurement: Combining OMRON’s D6T MEMS Thermal Sensor, SHARP’s LIDAR and an ambient temperature temperature sensor, temperature reading is accurate to ±0.3°C.

    • High Temperature Alert: Audio and visual warning messages are used to alert a detection of high body temperature.

    • Contactless: Contactless operation reduces chance of cross infection between users and operators.

    • Auto Record: Fully automatic and systematic recording of users’ body temperature to a cloud platform enhances efficiency of data storage and retrieval.

    • Multi-machine Connection: Record synchronization from multiple machines to one centralized cloud platform enables real-time monitoring across multiple sites and easy management.

    • Staff and Visitor Health Guaranteed: Transparent body temperature measurement and reporting ensures attendees within the area are healthy, raising attendees’ confidence.
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